Studio 5
  • Apple Music or iTunes Amazon 2018 Album Release Track Listing 1. Vinyl Revival 2. Don’t Wreck My Heart 3. Boom Box 4. Love Led Me Back 5. Bad Bye 6. Don’t Let My Love Escape You 7. New Wind Blowing 8. Fluvanna 9. Sisters Do 10. Wrong Side of the Tracks 11. Second Fiddle 12. [...]
  • Apple Music or iTunes Amazon 2014 Album Release Track Listing 1. America 2016 2. Tangled Up in You 3. Go Real 4. Fan the Flame 5. Colorado 6. Ring of Fire 7. Gimme All Your Lovin' 8. Drinking Your Memory Away 9. Fried Chicken Blues 10. Dry My Tears and Move On 11. Yes He [...]
  • Apple Music or iTunes Amazon 2009 Album Release Track Listing 1.  An American Dream 2.  One Day at a Time 3.  I'd Love to Hate You 4.  I'll Wait for You 5.  Love without Borders 6.  I Believe in Love 7.  From Here to the Promised Land 8.  Letting You Go 9.  Folsom Prison Blues [...]
  • Apple Music or iTunes Amazon 2009 Album Release Track Listing 1.  You Make Every Lie Come True 2.  There Goes the Neighborhood 3.  24/7 4.  I Say We Dance 5.  Promises in the Dark 6.  I Won't Give Up on You 7.  Forgiveness 8.  So the Universe Can Dance 9.  Let's Go for a Ride [...]
  • Apple Music or iTunes Amazon   2006 Album Release Track Listing 1.  You Gotta Love Someone 2.  Cosmic Joke 3.  She Don't Know She's Lonely 4.  Love Had Something Else in Mind 5.  The Bottom Line 6.  Misfit Town 7.  Lone Star Attitude 8.  Round Here 9.  One Place I've Never Been 10.  Two Story [...]
  • Apple Music or iTunes Amazon It slipped through your skin when you were just fourteen On your backyard trampoline, I asked you to go with me And with time and patience, a little family grew When one day we brought home a little me and you CHORUS Don’t let my love escape you Keep it [...]
  • Apple Music or iTunes Amazon He was born in West Virginia in a minors town John Henry played the meanest fiddle around He used to play the dance halls every Saturday night Driving all the girls crazy with his song so right He played it ’til he was eighty-three Day before he died, he gave [...]
  • Apple Music or iTunes Amazon I’m gonna move the kitchen chairs and turn down all the lights I found something in the attic that I think you’re gonna like Wanna cut a rug with you tonight CHORUS And rock you like a boom box Like it’s 1985 Rock you like a boom box, momma (baby) [...]
What they're saying
  • "The Bottom Line is one of the most intriguing tracks from the present, past and near future."

    — Ken Barnes, USA TODAY

  • "I’m a huge fan of this man’s album. Its second single sizzles with zesty rhythm, yelping vocals, sidewinder guitar and a ridiculously catchy melody. The major-label “stars” on Music Row have nothing on this guy. Play this!"

    — Robert K. Oermann, the foremost country music journalist in America.

  • "If you crave a singer who can play, a player who can write and a writer who can sing, Jon Christopher Davis is your man."

    — Rodney Crowell, Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter

  • "Jon Christopher Davis is a triple threat. He plays guitar great, sings like a bird and writes from the heart."

    — Radney Foster, critically acclaimed singer-songwriter

  • "It's as if Don Henley, Elvis Presley and the Everly Brothers met late one night at a Texas Roadhouse parking lot and beat the crap out of each other and what came out was Jon Christopher Davis. He's brains, hips and harmonies."

    — Stan Lynch of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Producer for Don Henley