• After nearly two years, the new album is finally done!!! It features collaborations with several of my music friends, such as Maylee Thomas, Annagrey, Chaz Marie, Anson Funderburgh, Tom Faulkner, Cary Pierce (Jackopierce), Stan Lynch (The Heartbreakers) and John Cowan (Doobie Brothers). It’s a smorgasbord of rock, pop, blues, folk, country, bluegrass, R&B and gospel. […]

  • Hey everyone, exciting news! Over the next five weeks, I’ll be releasing five never-before-heard bonus tracks from my last album, Demos from the Vault (1999-2009). These are songs I’m releasing as part of my “Back to the Vault” series. The only way to get these FREE tracks is by being part of my official email […]

  • In 2010, I was asked to perform at the McKinney, TX Relay For Life event by my good friend, and co-creator of Barney (the purple dinosaur), Kathy Parker. We met one morning at Starbucks to discuss the concert details. That fateful day, my songwriting took a meaningful turn. I drove away not only moved by […]

  • Last month, my trio did a house concert in the beautiful home of Guy & Renee Banks (McKinney, TX). The house concert was an auction item sold at the McKinney Education Foundation Gala. The keynote speaker was President George Bush, followed by my band. Genghis Grill catered the house concert and the wine was generously […]

  • The Lone Star Attitude® band and I were hand selected by and the U.S. Travel Association to represent Texas to over 80 countries that gathered in San Francisco for the International Pow Wow travel convention. I co-wrote this song on a napkin over breakfast with my buds, Michael Clay and Sparky Pearson. We had […]

  • When my wife, Kelli, was pregnant with our daughter, Claire, I wanted to write her a special love song. It started out all sentimental, but then my Lone Star Attitude® kicked in!  Actually, it’s still a love song, just a different kind of love song. Like “Lone Star Attitude®,” “Baby Looks Good on You®” has […]

  • Several years ago, I wrote a silly song called “Lone Star Attitude®.” My radio promoter at the time insisted that I release it to Texas radio, so I did. At first, I was hesitant. I didn’t feel like the song really represented who I am as an artist. I just wanted to throw a light-hearted, […]

  • Troubadour, TX is a unique television series following the lives of various singers and songwriters as they chase their dreams across the Lone Star State.

What they're saying
  • "The Bottom Line is one of the most intriguing tracks from the present, past and near future."

    — Ken Barnes, USA TODAY

  • "I’m a huge fan of this man’s album. Its second single sizzles with zesty rhythm, yelping vocals, sidewinder guitar and a ridiculously catchy melody. The major-label “stars” on Music Row have nothing on this guy. Play this!"

    — Robert K. Oermann, the foremost country music journalist in America.

  • "If you crave a singer who can play, a player who can write and a writer who can sing, Jon Christopher Davis is your man."

    — Rodney Crowell, Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter

  • "Jon Christopher Davis is a triple threat. He plays guitar great, sings like a bird and writes from the heart."

    — Radney Foster, critically acclaimed singer-songwriter

  • "It's as if Don Henley, Elvis Presley and the Everly Brothers met late one night at a Texas Roadhouse parking lot and beat the crap out of each other and what came out was Jon Christopher Davis. He's brains, hips and harmonies."

    — Stan Lynch of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Producer for Don Henley