• I love living in McKinney. The Dallas suburb has become a music hub for some of the most celebrated musicians in North Texas. Thanks for your kindness, McKinney Magazine!

  • Denton is known for being one of the most eclectic music towns in America. It’s an honor to be on your cover, Denton Live!

  • A few years back, I was asked to perform at the McKinney, TX Relay For Life by my good friend, and co-creator of Barney (the purple dinosaur), Kathy Parker. We met one morning over coffee to discuss the concert details. That day, my life as a singer-songwriter took a meaningful turn. I drove away not […]

  • The Lone Star Attitude band and I were chosen by and the U.S. Travel Association to represent Texas to over 80 countries that gathered in San Francisco for the International Pow Wow Travel Convention. I co-wrote this little song on a napkin over breakfast with my buds, Michael Clay and Sparky Pearson. Had a […]

  • Several years ago, I wrote a honky-tonk song called “Lone Star Attitude®.” Though I was reluctant, my radio promoter insisted that I release it to Texas radio. I didn’t feel like the song really represented who I am as an artist. I just wanted to throw a light-hearted, Texas two-step track on my 2006 album […]

  • When my wife, Kelli, was pregnant with our daughter, Claire, I wanted to write her a special love song. It started out all sentimental, but then my Lone Star Attitude® kicked in! “Baby Looks Good on You®” has taken on a little life of its own.  It’s still one of my most requested songs.  If […]

What they're saying
  • "The Bottom Line is one of the most intriguing tracks from the present, past and near future."

    — Ken Barnes, USA TODAY

  • "I’m a huge fan of this man’s album. Its second single sizzles with zesty rhythm, yelping vocals, sidewinder guitar and a ridiculously catchy melody. The major-label “stars” on Music Row have nothing on this guy. Play this!"

    — Robert K. Oermann, the foremost country music journalist in America.

  • "If you crave a singer who can play, a player who can write and a writer who can sing, Jon Christopher Davis is your man."

    — Rodney Crowell, Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter

  • "Jon Christopher Davis is a triple threat. He plays guitar great, sings like a bird and writes from the heart."

    — Radney Foster, critically acclaimed singer-songwriter

  • "It's as if Don Henley, Elvis Presley and the Everly Brothers met late one night at a Texas Roadhouse parking lot and beat the crap out of each other and what came out was Jon Christopher Davis. He's brains, hips and harmonies."

    — Stan Lynch of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Producer for Don Henley