Second Fiddle

He was born in West Virginia in a minors town
John Henry played the meanest fiddle around
He used to play the dance halls every Saturday night
Driving all the girls crazy with his song so right
He played it ’til he was eighty-three
Day before he died, he gave it to me

Now (When) I’m playing second fiddle in a bluegrass band
Trying to make a living, doing the best I can
Playing second fiddle in a bluegrass band
Momma (My old lady) back home don’t understand
That lonesome harmony, his song lives on through me (it sets my spirit free)
Playing second fiddle in a bluegrass band

Well I worked real hard ’til I got it right
Playing ’til the wee hours of the night
When I turned eighteen, I hit the road
Blue Moon of Kentucky, San Antonio Rose
Now hear I am in Telluride
I can feel John Henry by my side


This old fiddle set free the gypsy inside me
Standing in his shadow, I’m a living legacy

Now my hands are tired and I’m getting old
But before I lay down this fiddle and bow
I’m gonna play it for the saints who dare to dream
Play it for the sinners who are just like me
Maybe when I’m dead and gone
This fiddle I’m playing will still live on