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Last Night's Dinner Party

There are basically four stages to making an album. Creating it, tweaking it, second guessing it, and letting it go because you ran out of cash. If I had an endless budget, I’m pretty sure my co-producer, Aaron Kelley,  would have me put down. I would also keep writing until I beat everyone of these songs, which might be a mistake.

This album is a snapshot of where I am in my life. My soul’s at peace, my heart’s intoxicated with gratitude, I’m optimistic about the future, I get to make a living playing music, and my home is filled with love and laughter. It’s also a wonderful gathering and celebration of some very talented DFW artists. Like any good dinner party, you want to choose the right mix of people. This is an eclectic group of artists, styles and walks of life, BUT we all share a common thread – we LOVE to eat! We also love to play, write and record music.

I’ve often said that the music business is not a talent contest. If it was, everybody on this album would be nominated for a Grammy. Instead, we’re collectively doing our part to help shape the local music scene of North Texas. In a sight over sound culture, where working years to master your craft is no longer a prerequisite, we’re doing our best to keep soul and mojo alive and well in our neck of the woods. Coffee black, farm to table, the Whole Foods of musicians.

At this dinner party, we delve into politics, commitment, social responsibility, new ways of looking at old things, nature, lost love, yardbird, excepting the cold, hard truth, being real, and faith. Not a bad way to spend a warm evening in McKinney, Texas.

Take a detox from the digital world and come see us live sometime.



Featuring Maylee Thomas, Annagrey, Chaz Marie, Anson Funderburgh, Tom Faulkner, Cary Pierce (of Jackopierce), Stan Lynch (of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers) and John Cowan (of the Doobie Brothers).

Produced by Jon Christopher Davis & Aaron Kelley.
“Ring of Fire” produced by Jon Christopher Davis and Rob Wechsler.

Available at iTunes and Amazon MP3.